André Babiak

Commercial Lifestyle Photography
Puerto Vallarta | Nuevo Vallarta | Riviera Nayarit

Commercial Lifestyle

for advertising impact

I believe high quality images make a huge difference when it comes to promoting and eventually selling your products or services. They will catch the eye of your potential customer and they will represent the quality of your company.

I have access to very attractive yet authentic models and impressive locations from edgy street scenery to remote beaches, jungle settings, marine vessels, or beautiful luxury estates. Rest assured that your advertising imagery project, no matter what your budget is, will be in the most competent, experienced, and resourceful hands.

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Family Portraits


Photographs can tell the story of your life.
They mark milestones, changes and new beginnings.

Honestly, I don’t like photos of stiff people posing - obviously very uncomfortable and yet with grinning faces.
Let me discover your personality. Let me capture who you really are. My goal is to please you with a compelling portrait – fun, stylish, yet timeless.

Tired of being the photographer when you’re on vacation? With an investment of US $300 for a basic session I’ll make sure you can enjoy the most precious time of the year while still returning with first class photos.

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Stock Photography

Collaborating with aspiring models
and local businesses - A win-win situation

I'm working with a fine selection of agencies, like Westend61 to provide high quality photo material that can be used as stock images. To continuously feed these agencies with new material I'm always on the lookout for new concepts, ideas, and models.
I’m looking for attractive people who love modeling - healthy, in good shape, with confidence and a very positive attitude. I’m also looking for businesses and location sponsors of all kinds. If you're an aspiring model, AND have shooting ideas, themes or concepts, or if you have an interesting property or a local business to offer, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact me. To keep all photos free of potential legal risks, model/property release forms need to be signed for this kind of collaboration.

Promote your career, your social media profile, or your local business with first class image material, completely free of charge.

Please feel free to check my current PORTFOLIO or contact me to see if we are a good match.

Glamour and Boudoir Photography Puerto Vallarta

Glamour and Boudoir

Sexy isn't a shape, it's an attitude.

I've designated a distinct website to the glamour, beach and boudoir photography branch of my work.

Feel free to head over to "Sexy Vallarta" for inspiration, preparation, or to schedule your private sexy photo shoot in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


Phone & Messaging +52 322 197 7328